About us

At Penny Stock Millionaire we are focused on finding  hot investment ideas and information.  We select ideas on the potential for investors to turn a profit.  Keep in mind penny stocks are extremely high risk.  We base our selections on under valuation and momentum.

The penny stock market is volume driven.  Volume is essential in finding profitable situations.  Without volume you may not be able to enter and exit a stock profitably.  Volume shifts from stock to stock on a daily basis.  We at Penny Stock Millionaire track that volume and identify these momentum situations.

There are times when a special situation presents itself in the form of an under valued company.   These are companies that are flying under the radar of most investors, but could soon attract a great deal of attention.  These situations can be extremely profitable for investors who are alerted to these companies early.

A common theme among penny stock millionaires is information and how to use that information.  Penny Stock Millionaire is focused on presenting potentially profitable information to its subscribers.  What you choose to do with this information is up to you.  The first step in creating profit is being aware of the opportunity.  Become a Penny Stock Millionaire member by joining our email list.